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The Brewster Yard Haunt will take place on  October 31, 2005 from 5 – 10PM.  Wells Woods Lane is at the end of Prospect Street (past St. Lawrence O’Toole) and Wells Street in Brewster, NY. Visitors are requested to park on Prospect Street or Wells Street.

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alloween Night 2004 was an unseasonably warm and clear night. The yard was prepared, the characters were all in place and thanks to daylight savings time, it got dark extra early. Throngs of trick-or-treaters swarmed the neighborhood of Brewster Village, NY with the anticipation of a good scare. A scare that we were all to eager to provide them.

The younger children came early as if to somehow sense that the night would bring something much more sinister. Dark forms lurked in the shadows, creeping in the murky blackness. Many would not even enter the place, but instead chose to watch from a safe distance while the rest braved the uncertain landscape in search of treats.

A swinging body, hung by the neck, cast gruesome shadows across the yard as cautiously they made their way to the door. Past the rows of crooked headstones and displaced, rotted corpses they came, uncertain of where the next terrifying encounter would come from...

Prepare yourself Mortal, for a night of unspeakable terror awaits you... it is not too late to turn back as this place is not for the faint of heart.

you have been warned, beware!


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