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Yard Haunt Brewster NY

The Brewster Yard Haunt is a project of a few neighbors at Wells Woods Lane, who have been enjoying putting together a Halloween themed yard for several years. Their display and cast of characters have grown since their venture first started. This year they decided to take on a master plan, combining the best of Halloween traditions with a return to the community. With help from local business sponsors, the Wells Woods Lane crew Ė Rumamuk Productions - has designed an elaborate graveyard, gruesome pillars of pain, a demoniacal Dr. Dementoís laboratory and other creepy scenes. Itís hard to tell which of the cast of characters that haunt these places is real. Stop by and find out!

From left to right: Frank, DJ, Denis, Laurie, Danielle & Kevin.
Photo by Jim

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Our Supporting Cast 2007:
Laurie Manning: Green Greeter
Kevin T. Kennedy: Wailing Zombie
Frank Trocino: Dr. Demento
Dennis Saraceno: Lurker
DJ Saraceno: Is He Real?
Deb Saraceno: The Bride
Rocky Saraceno: Michael Myers
Kevin Desharnais: Ghengis Kahnís Ghost
Chris & Carline: Yard Zombies
TJ & Jenora: Candy Support Staff
Danielle Cylich: Candy Support Staff
Pat Fitzgerald: Vader
Gavin & Nick: Ghouls
Andrew & Garret: Skull Greeters
Gino: Wolfman



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