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Last Night at Resurrection Cemetery

The old man with the club foot at the dilapidated service station had warned them about traveling Resurrection Drive at night. The sun was beginning to set now and she wasn’t sure why he had decided to go off for help, leaving her alone by the car. Jack was always in a hurry, he really didn’t think things through. “What kind of guy can’t even change a tire? God!” she thought as she checked her cell phone and tore another fingernail away with her teeth, damn! No service.

The dirt road back to town looked demonic as it was washed with the garish light and long shadows of dusk. She craned her neck and looked for Jack, he should have come back by now. He’d been gone for almost 3 hours, “What a jerk of him to leave me here.” she thought “I could totally do better anyways.” She was hungry, she was tired, she was alone and the sun was setting.

She looked down at her bleeding cuticle, harrumphed and started down the path Jack had taken earlier.

The way was overgrown with saplings and thorny vines, long-dead trees covered in moss lay across the trail. “Oh, why did I wear these stupid shoes?” she muttered as she stepped onto a log, the bark gave way and her foot slipped into the jagged opening in the rotted wood. She was immediately struck by a strange crawling sensation making its way up her leg. She looked down at her foot and saw that it was black up to her ankle. The surface seemed to be moving, as her eyes adjusted in the near dark, she was struck with sudden horror. It was ticks; thousands of ticks were crawling on her.

She screamed and tried to brush them off, their eight legs holding fast to her pale skin. She began to panic now as they started up her leg. As she slapped and picked at them, they began to crawl onto her hands and up her arms. She shrieked and started to run fast down the path. The saplings whipped at her face, the thorns grabbed at her long hair.

Suddenly, she noticed a clearing in the distance, there was a cemetery there. The sun was setting; the ticks were swarming up to her stomach now, some were attached and biting her as she ran. Tears streamed and blurred her vision as she reached the small gated cemetery, there seemed to be a person just sitting there. “H-hello? HELLO!” she cried out as she wiped her bleary eyes. She could feel ticks crawling in her hair now; one in her ear.

The night was coming, the ticks were biting.

As her vision started to clear, she focused on the figure before her. Terror washed over her anew as the macabre scene began to finally make sense. It was a man; his face was gone, his mouth replaced by the evil grin only a freshly defleshed skull can make. The body had no skin, no blood or muscle remained, only a suit. A blue suit. A suit like the one Jack was wearing…

“Oh no. OH NOOO!” her voice cracked in agony as a tick crawled up her nose. It was Jack. A crow lighted upon his head, looked at her quizzically before plucking out one of Jack’s sightless eyes.

The girl screamed, the ticks bit her, the crow swallowed Jack’s eye and the sun went down…












The Project

With the exception of the skulls, skeleton and crow, this project is 100% hand made. There are 12 headstones in all, the unfortunate victim, Jack, his "pet" crow and a sturdy fence to hold it all together.
Each epitaph was hand-routered with a dremel tool. In case you can't tell, I spend a lot of time trying to think up new names for my stones.

Materials & Price List

  • 2 sheets 2” foam: $30
  • White packing foam: free
  • 3' of chain: free
  • Spray adhesive: $5
  • Sculpy: $2.99
  • Foam skull: 4.99
  • Skeleton garland: $4.99
  • 5 bags of plastic skulls for finials: $25
  • Crow: $9.99
  • Skull bust: $16.99
  • One Budget Bart skeleton AKA "Jack Tupp": $48
  • One blue child’s suit: free
  • Spray paints: $12
  • Latex grey: $5
  • Acrylic paints: $2
  • Knight statue: $2
  • 1”x2” pine: $40
  • PVC conduit: $15
  • 2” PVC pipe: $7
  • 5 metal fence post caps: $7
  • 1" and 5" screws $5
  • ¼” rebar: free

Total: $242.95


I spent a bit more than I had intended, the finials really added up quickly as there are 60 in all.

It was worth every penny, there is nothing quite as satisfying as having a cemetery in your yard! I plan on keeping it up for at least the foreseeable future.




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