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Here are some of our props all set up a few days before Halloween. Be sure to check out the other 2 photo galleries I have here, they were taken by a great photographer friend of mine, Steve Harris, and they came out great!

Guillotine, lantern, heads, electric chair and house

Death’s Head Dungeon props

Toxic Swamp creatures

Dollhouse of Doom

Pillars and Arch w/ donations box

The Graveyard

The Guardian

Burton Crisp, Xaviar Breth, and stones

Graveyard & Lantern

Dungeon sign

Death’s Head Dungeon

Groundbreaker “Johnny Rott”

Beloved & Upton Dide

Xaviar Breth & the Deads

Our food donations box

The Reaper

Gravegrabber & stones

The Acolyte

The Rules

BYH at Dusk

House front

The Wraith & Argyle (the Gargoyle)


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